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Family Violence when someone who is or was part of your family behaves abusively towards you. Family Violence can take many forms including emotional abuse, physical abuse, stalking, monitoring and controlling behaviour.

  • threatening behaviour
  • controlling behaviour
  • forcing you to do something you don’t feel like
  • isolating you
  • preventing you from socialising
  • abusive language
  • you having to constantly seek permission 
  • following you
  • monitoring your devices
  • making you feel worthless
  • controlling your access to money
  • lower your self-esteem and confidence 
  • you can struggle to make decisions and trust your decisions
  • difficulty in securing and maintaining employment
  • reduce your ability to be financially independent 
  • affect your mental health
  • affect your relationships with children and your ability to provide effective parenting
  • reduce or diminish social connections with family and friends 
  • physical health and wellbeing.

Coercive control is a pattern of behaviour. It can look like:

  • Isolation – preventing you from talking to family and friends
  • Monopolising perception – making you feel like you don’t know what you are talking about
  • Humiliation and degradation
  • Threats
  • Overwhelming power
  • Controlling finances
  • Controlling movements

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